Specialized Training

Functional Aging specialist


 As a Functional Aging Specialist, I will help you maintain your independence and enhance your quality of life.

 Living an active and balanced lifestyle that includes a combination of aerobic, muscular strength, and flexibility exercises helps ward off a range of diseases, slows the rate of muscle tissue loss and improves activities of daily living . Currently we offer 3-4 weekly classes for our Active aging members. 

Silver Sneakers Members welcome

Cancer Exercise Specialist


As a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Aimee will  effectively work with cancer patients and survivors.

Given that exercise is a standard recommendation for anyone affected by cancer, health and exercise professionals play a crucial role in helping implement and deliver exercise programs for this population. While the initial assessments are essential, the most important thing to remember is to focus on the person in front of you, rather than simply his or her cancer.

Running Training


Running may be the simplest of sports, but designing and implementing proper training can be complex. The internet offers a good knowledge base but come up short when tailoring plans to your individual needs.  As a Certified RRCA running coach ( specialized training) , I will be your biggest supporter and I’ll give you encouragement to achieve your personal goals. Together as a team.  For me there is no goal that seems unrealistic. Hard work and discipline will pay off. 

Running keeps YOU healthy and fit. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than what you get from setting a personal goal and conquering it.

I think we could be a perfect team, don’t you think?