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Cutting Edge Fitness & Martial Arts Center was established in 2014  by David and Aimee Sinopoli. They are located in Berkshire County in the  heart of downtown Adams, Massachusetts.

Our state of the art facility features 3500 square feet of training space including 16 Spin® bikes, a matted training area, bag stand with multiple types of heavy bags, training weapons, fitness equipment, men's and women's bathroom and changing area.

 We specialize in martial arts instruction in several disciplines including Sento MMA, RMA, Boxing , Kickboxing , Joe Lewis Fighting  System, Superfoot System, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Uechi-Ryu.

We also offer Spin®, Yoga, Body Blitz, Boxing, FightFIT, Fitness Pilates, Barre fitness, Martial arts (both Adult and child), UGI® classes and much more

We offer classes for men, women and children of all ages.  Everyone is  family to us.  Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly learning  environment for our students.

We have NO registration or enrollment fees.

End the fear, Brave the Bully

David and Aimee Sinopoli taking action by playing an important role in ensuring that all children are safe from bullying.  In this program, we will help the kids understand what bullying is and how to stand up to a bully.  We will teach the kids to  recognize the warning signs of bullying (they could be being bullied, bullying others, or witnessing bullying) and how to deal with them. 


Sensei David Sinopoli

Cutting Edge Fitness &  Martial Arts Center

March 9th


 Would  you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to  physically attack you? It’s a question most of us don’t want to  consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life. Thankfully,  regardless of strength, size, or previous training, anyone can learn  several effective self-defense techniques. During this class, you will  learn multiple self-defense techniques that could save you and/or your  families lives.

March 23rd 6-8:30pm

Cost to attend is $45 a person and you can reserve your spot by calling 413-841-0494 or emailing

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Cutting Edge Fitness & Martial Arts Center

73 1/2 Summer str, Adams, Massachusetts 01220, United Stateset

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Monday 5-6:15am & -3-7:30pm

Tuesday 5-6am & 3:15-8pm

Wednesday 5-6am & 3-7:30pm

Thursday 5-6am & 3:15-7:30pm

Friday 5-6:15am & 5:45-7:30pm

Saturday 7:30-11:15am

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