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Cutting Edge Fitness & Martial Arts Center

Family fitness center offering classes 7 days a week.

Personal Training

Every BODY has a different goal


Of course, everyone wants to look good.  This means that “looking good” will certainly be a by-product of working with us, but is not the end-all goal.  Whether it be to lose weight, so you are healthier, can be more active with your kids; gaining muscle and strength, so you can compete in races you have always had as goals, strengthen your body for “everyday” challenges of life.  

Whatever your goal or purpose, Cutting Edge Fitness Personal Training staff will be there to partner with you to meet and exceed that goal!


Individual Training Session     

Individual, small and large group training is available in 30-minute and one-hour sessions.

Health Performance Training   

Lose weight, get in shape, improve mobility and range of motion and maintain your overall health and well-being.

Athletic Performance Training                                

Increase speed, agility, and endurance                                  

Available for: middle school, high school & college students

Sports Team Training (Max: 1 coach per 8-10 athletes)

Program Design                                                                          

Personalized programs designed for at-home or traditional gym workouts.

Functional Fitness                                                                          

Squatting, lifting and pressing are all movements we use in everyday  life. Our staff will teach you how to move and train properly, which will help prevent future injury.

Ready to see what your body can do? 

Personal training means different goals for different bodies


Clients will lose any session time lost based on his or her tardiness. Personal Trainers will wait no longer than 10 minutes for Clients. After 10

minutes, the session will be forfeited.

Clients must provide cancellation notification at least ONE day in advance, or forfeit the session.