73 1/2 Summer Street Adams, MA 01220

(413) 841-0494

Cutting Edge Fitness & Martial Arts Center

Group fitness center offering classes 7 days a week.

They said what?

 I really appreciate what Cutting Edge has to offer- a variety of classes for all, supportive environment and it's close to home. My favorite is Spinning!  Lauren Whitney July 22, 2019

Cutting edge offers a variety of classes for the whole family to enjoy. They have a friendly, non-judgmental environment with certified fitness instructors who care about your fitness journey. I’ve finally found a gym that I love. 

Tracy Roberts Sheerin March 23, 2019

 We've only been to a couple of the kids Martial Arts classes, but my four year old son absolutely loves it. He'll tell anyone who will listen about his class. The owners are so sweet and the vibe is just right. You walk in and immediately feel welcome. Thank you, Cutting Edge!

Beth Ballard January 23, 2019

Classes are awesome and personal training sessions are even better!  I  love working with Aimee.  Not only does it give me some accountability,  but it has helped me switch up and increase productivity at the gym on  my own.  Plus everything is incredibly affordable.  If you are new to  fitness or just need a routine shakeup you should 100% check this place out!  Kait Barrett, December 20, 2017

I started going to this gym about 2 months ago and have absolutely  fallen in love! Aimee and Dave provide an excellent environment for  ANYBODY to work out in. I had never taken an exercise class before going  here and the experience has blown me away. I have and will continue  supporting and recommending this gym to anyone who will listen!--Christine Meiklejohn, August 8, 2017

Great place to learn self defense and boxing skills!--Travis Frieri, July 23, 2017

 My son started attending the 3-5 year old Martial Arts class a little  over a month ago. They are incredible! Both David and Aimee, along with  the help of Brandon have taught my son. They are all so extremely  patient and go at just the right pace. They motivate, make it creative  and a fun environment for learning.  Everyone there has accepted my  family with warmth and support, including my two-year old who they also  encourage to try some of the moves. :)
 I can't say enough about how impressed we are with this establishment.  We highly recommend making the call and checking Cutting Edge Fitness  & Martial Arts Center out for yourselves! You will not regret it. --Angela Mason, March 18, 2017

 A wonderful and very welcoming gym. It's great to find a safe and fun  place for kids too. Thank you Aimee and Dave for all your hard work and  commitment to our community.--Todd & Laurie Coons March 14, 2017

Shihan Dave is a dedicated and attentive teacher. A lifelong master of  his craft. Count myself fortunate to call him friend and mentor. If this  school is in your area, don't wait. Go visit and become part of their  amazing family. Aimee is a fireball of energy as well! A great fitness  instructor and teacher.--Jason Siete James November 8, 2016