We are located at 73 1/2 Summer Street, Adams, right below the PNA on Victory Street.  If you are having trouble finding us, call us at 413-841-0494.

You are able to park in our lot, on Victory or Summer Street.

Class schedule

Use our FaceBook page, website or mobile app (ZenPlanner App on Android or iPhone) to check the schedule and register for classes .


Remove outdoor shoes when you enter.  Only clean indoor shoes, bare  feet and stocking feet are allowed on the studio floors. Shoes worn in from outdoors are not permitted on the gym floors. You’ll appreciate the clean floor for your workouts. 

Arrival and Departure

Early morning classes have the door locked once class starts. Arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class. If the class has a  wait list, your spot will be given away 5 minutes before class if you are not here. If you’ll be late, notify the instructor.  We’ll save your spot and not give it to someone on the wait list. If your class has equipment set-up, arrive early enough to be completely set up by starting time. If you must leave early, notify your instructor  before class and set up near the door to ensure as little disruption as  possible.  


We have all the equipment you need for your class (mats, weights, balls,  etc.) so no need to bring anything with you. We also have wipes to clean  off your mat, weights and any other equipment you will be using before and after class.  

What to Wear

Comfortable fitness clothes appropriate for the class you’re taking.  Yoga pants, workout pants, t-shirts, and tank tops are all options. Avoid baggy shorts especially when you are taking a Spin class. If you wear shorts, make sure they are fitted or wear  tight shorts underneath looser ones.  

Class updates

For important info regarding class scheduling changes and special offers, please check out our Face Book page.

Return policy

All class, workshops, private lessons and food sales are final. 

Cell phones

Be sure it does not make any noise during class.  If you do need your phone, please inform the instructor.